Frequently Asked Questions

Who can checkout equipment?

Equipment can be checked out by faculty, staff and students. Students are permitted to checkout equipment for instructional use and are required to have permission from a faculty or staff sponsor in order to pickup equipment.

Where do I pickup equipment?

Equipment pick and drop off is located at the Media Lab, which is inside the Andersen General Access Computer Lab, 1008c. Equipment can be picked up and dropped off during Media Lab hours which are available here: Media Lab Hours

How long does it take for my checkout request to get processed?

Checkouts will be processed within 1 business day. Student requests may require longer processing time pending approval your their faculty sponsor.

What role does a faculty sponsor play?

Students are required to have a faculty or staff sponsor approve their checkout request. Sponsors will automatically be emailed during the request process. If the sponsor does not approve the request, the equipment will not be checked out to the student. In the event that the student fails to pay damaged equipment charges or late fees, the faculty sponsor may be held liable for the charges.

Can equipment be delivered?

Delivery of equipment may be requested by using the Special Requests box on the request form. Only on-campus delivery requests from faculty and staff will be considered. Please allow at least 4 business days for processing.

What are the equipment late fees?

The late fees per item are as follows:
   First day overdue: $5.00
   Each succeeding day overdue: $1.50

Late fees will be automatically added to your student account or will be charged to your department org code. If equipment is not returned within 30 days of the due date, you will be charged the full cost for the replacement of the checked out equipment.

Currently we do not accept cash payment of late fees.